A couple of finishes from last year…

I never got around to posting these finishes last year and didn’t want them to feel left out!

The first one is the Little House Needleworks mystery called Song of the Seasons. I finished this way back in November and had it framed to match the frame of The Library.

150114-9That’s not really a brilliant photo at all now that I come to look at it again! I did get a bit weary of stitching this one although I am absolutely delighted with the finish, it’s lovely.

The second project that finally got finished, much to Catherine’s delight, was the Grinch quilt. This poor thing had been ongoing for ages and ages. I finally got a grip and got the quilting on him finished off. It was difficult to get a photo of him once he was finished because he was taken straight off to the bedroom and put on her bed! This is one that I swiped from Catherine.

150114-10You can just see the matching pillow in at the top of her bed that I finished using the leftovers about 12 months before I finished the actual quilt! It was worth the effort, it’s already much loved 🙂

In other quilty goings on, I finished block 2 of Evelyn’s Album. I love stitching these – very relaxing along with a good programme on the tele! I have block 3 almost ready to start stitching – just needs ironing onto the background. 150114-11


I have a couple of quick quilts in mind to make soon – I’ve been thinking about them long enough so it’s certainly time for them to be made! I am of course working from stash for quilts this year – one of these projects uses a very large panel of Monsters Inc. that I bought last year. I’m trying to decide whether to just put a simple border of different coloured squares on it or whether to make some more complicated blocks, hmmm – decisions, decisions!



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2 Responses to A couple of finishes from last year…

  1. Toni says:

    Love the Grinch quilt, it looks wonderful and such fun.
    All the pieces look lovely – you really have been busy, haven’t you.
    Toni xx

  2. Carole says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen the Evelyn’s album one before. It’s so pretty and I love the colours. Looking forward to seeing more of that one 🙂

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