What Does the Fox Say?

Catherine became quite a fan last year of a song called What Does the Fox Say? As a result, we were on the lookout for items of foxiness! In the recent issue of Simply Crochet magazine there was a pattern for crocheted fox stole – it was a must make! I bought some the specified yarn which was Drops Nepal – this is a new yarn to me and it is very soft, really lovely in fact. I finished the fox on Friday night and managed to get some photos this morning of Catherine wearing it. It was a super easy make once I’d worked out what the instructions were asking me to do on the face part – that’s always my difficulty with crocheted items so I’m pleased that I seem to be making a bit of progress in that area.

260114-2Lots of lovely trebling and some treble togethers in the middle of the row to make that chevron shape.

Here’s a close up of his face…

260114-3Yesterday was a horrible, rainy day so I decided to press on with a mystery knit that I’m taking part in. We’d had to take a break from each other for a week as for some reason I kept getting my stitch count wrong! I put it right and put it away for a little while. Yesterday I finished off the first half of part one and got a very good start on the second part. This is a pic of part one of part one!



There are a few new to me techniques in this knit – crocheted provisional cast on, working with beads and a centre decrease. Fingers crossed it seems to be going ok at the moment. I’m perplexed as to why it’s causing me problems as it’s really not difficult at all. I’m eager to progress onto part 2 now so I think I’ll be spending some time working on this later on today as it’s yet another dark and rainy day!



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4 Responses to What Does the Fox Say?

  1. Carole says:

    Oh wow, your fox is fabulous! And didn’t you get him done quickly 🙂

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