A Pair of Finishes…

Yay! I finished two pieces of cross stitch. The Stitch from Stash is having a really beneficial effect on me and I seem to be in the mood to tackle abandoned projects and get them finished off. It is very, very satisfying 😀

The first one is a piece by Faye Whittaker of All Our Yesterdays. I saw this in a magazine last year and fell in love with it and started stitching it immediately. I made fabulous progress with it and had only the little boy, the swing seat and the grass below the swing left to do when I abandoned it. This chart is also in Faye’s AOY Cross Stitch Collection book – the blue one, which I was very lucky to receive for my birthday.



Here it is now finished – reminds me of my two children when they were much, much younger and there were no teenage hormones flying around the air!

The second one is Little House Needleworks Miss Peepers. I fell in love with the moment the chart came out and had to have her as soon as I could get my mitts on her! I took her on holiday with me thinking that she would be the perfect, small project for holiday stitching. When I happened across her last weekend there were no more than 15 stitches on her – I hadn’t even finished the S that I’d started to stitch. I did a lot of reading on holiday and never really got into the stitching mood. I felt quite ashamed really so I determined that she would be worked upon and I enjoyed it so much that I kept on stitching until she was finished this time!



This is turning into a most productive stitching month for me – long may it last! I would like to get another instalment of Papillon completed before the end of the month and I have lined up the next UFO to become a WIP – it is a Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers. It’s the one that came in three parts – Summer, Autumn, Winter. I abandoned this when I started stitching the CCN Cottages and never got back to it which is a shame because I love it…it’s time has come now and I’m looking forward to putting some more stitches into it. I put it back onto my frame this afternoon, here’s where I’m at – part way through Autumn…



In my enthusiasm this afternoon I lined up the next UFO to work on after this one – I’ll do a picture of that one next time. I am so glad to have my stitching mojo back!

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6 Responses to A Pair of Finishes…

  1. That is so cute, I particularly love the colours of the bird design 🙂

  2. Carole says:

    Congrats on the finishes 🙂
    I love Miss Peepers. I may get around to stitching mine soon now that I’ve seen yours.

  3. Oh Tree, they are both lovely! The French knots on AOY really brings it to life and Miss Peepers is so cute and very you 😀 xx

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