Stitch from Stash – March update

I’ve had quite a good stitching month during March. First of all I stitched some more on my Papillon Around the World in 80 Stitches until it looked like this…



I was going to carry straight on to the next part but I was overwhelmed with a need to finish something off…


I’m really pleased to have this finished. It isn’t framed yet as I was going to frame it myself but haven’t managed to find something that will fit it. I may give up and take it to the framing shop!

The ‘finishing off’ bug was still present so I moved on to finish Miss Peepers…


Again, she isn’t framed yet as I was going to frame her myself but again, I have failed to find a frame. I really think I will be paying a visit to the framing shop!

That ‘finishing off’ bug was still alive and kicking so I moved onto my Blackbird Designs  piece which went from this…


to this…


Not as much as I intended but you can at least tell where I’ve visited! I think the bug may be wearing off a bit now. My plan is to finish this part of the Blackbird Designs and then play with another part of Papillon. I am starting to feel the itch for a new start – I’m hoping that a section of Papillon will calm that down somewhat as I made a list of WIPs last weekend and it’s really quite shameful. Actually, I think I’ll post it here just to strengthen my resolve to shorten the list.

WIPs as of March 2014

Sweet Pea Fairy by Joan Elliott.

Dragon by Joan Elliott

Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillon

Very Scary by Lizzie Kate

Midnight Watch by Blackbird Designs

The Flock by SamSarah Designs

Stitchers Carousel by Jane Greenoff

Welcome to London by Jardin Prive

Jane Austen Books by Pixystitches

Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers

Tree of Hope by Mirabilia

Yes, that’s definitely caused a relapse – the ‘finishing bug’ is now back in full flow!

This month’s figures:

Spent : £0 (I think we can accrue the monthly amounts available so I now have £45 {$75} in my kitty).

New Starts : None (but oh how I would like to do one!)

WIPs worked on : Papillon Creations Around the World in 80 Stitches, Rosebud Swing by All Our Yesterdays (finished), Miss Peepers by Little House Needleworks (finished), Loose Feathers Autumn by Blackbird Designs.


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4 Responses to Stitch from Stash – March update

  1. Carole says:

    That’s a fine list of WIPs :-p
    I thought I had a lot on the go. You’re putting me to shame.

    Papillon is looking smashing. Yours is so neat.

  2. LifeLoofah says:

    I actually only have one WIP because it’s so huge and small and I can only work on it in daylight because I don’t have a great lamp to work by, but otherwise I can’t start a project and not finish it! I can’t imagine having that list of WIPs, I’d go nuts! 🙂
    The only exception is when I’m lost in back-stitching, cause back-stitching gets pretty boring after a while and sometimes I’m impatient to start another project. But I usually go right back to it because it ends up on my desk starting at me til I do. ha ha

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