Another Crochet Update!





I have been hooking away on the Ripple Blanket when the mood takes me and added the fourth colour over the weekend. I’ve got it all rolled up as it’s easier to handle like that at the moment. This is my progress so far.





Then…I caught the Mandala bug and just had to make one – they seem to be all over the place at the moment and I couldn’t resist the pretty colours. This one, called the Starflower Mandala, was designed by Zooty Owl and the pattern can be found here. I used Patons 100% Cotton DK yarn – the colours are lovely IRL.



I’ve dug out a WIP to work on now – a beaded scarf that I started a while back. Let’s see how long I last on it this time!

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1 Response to Another Crochet Update!

  1. Carole says:

    The Ripple is looking gorgeous and oh my, that mandala is fabulous! Love the colours and the pattern. Beautiful!

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